Transforming a Hoarder’s House into a Colorful Farmhouse

Such a welcoming front entrance

It’s kind of funny,

I remembered this little white house in the corner by my Mom’s house, my childhood home,

I can see the little house in my mind, azalea bushes and hydrangeas surrounding it, back in the corner of Douglas road.

We passed it each day on the bus but as I grew up and the house was overcome by bushes and overgrown brush, somewhere overtime the home became so over run that you couldn’t see it from the road.

Grew up, moved out of Mom’s and had my first child.

A magical little area like Wild Horse Ridge, you kind of grow up wishing you could return and one day buy one of the unique properties with their little slices of land, just enough for kids to be kids and horse pastures tucked in around.

But let me tell YOU. That little neighborhood is hard to get into. People come and they do not leave.

So imagine my surprise when that little white house in the corner, the one I forgot about,

not quite in the neighborhood but a bucket kick away…

had a truck and trailer pulling furniture down it one day as I went to visit mom.

Me being me I pulled in the next day to ask if it would be listed for sale. No one was there.

I am pretty sure a normal person would have stopped about 20 feet from the house and turned around gagging. A sane person would have shut their car door and peeled out the driveway. An individual with common sense would NEVER have looked in the windows of the scary scratch and ewww that sniff house.

But I can’t think of a time in my life where I was described as normal.

So I peeked

and I looked

and I definitely gagged.

AND guess what!!

I convinced everyone that this little trash pit was going to be


Trash House to Farmhouse

For a year we spent weekend’s, spare moments, and every chance we got to clean out the little white house on the corner.

4,500 LBS of TRASH

Back of future primary bedroom

Ripped out everything that held a scent that we could.

Refinished the floors, scraped ceilings, painted, and painted, and then for fun I painted some more.

And without further ado….the Little White house on the corner.

When you got them Classic Kitchen Blues
Napoleonic Blue by Annie Sloan chalk paint

Side by side of the Primary Bedroom

Before and After

This is the Life

Hoarder’s trash pile to Country Mudroom

When you grow up in the country a laundry room that doubles as a mudroom is a must have.

This house originally had a quirky small back porch that had been converted into living space years before we purchased.

We added HVAC and redid it from top to concrete bottom.

It is really hard to tell from the photos but this room was probably the worse from day 1. We had to take the trash out with snow shovels and the pile reached from one side of the room to the next and was about 3 foot from the ceiling.

Painted concrete floors combined with a white wood wall

Bathroom Blues to Bathroom Blues

The bathroom was a space I wanted to have fun with.

A little funky color match to a vintage blue mason jar, classic crisp white subway tile and refinished the original bathroom vanity.

My favorite part is the 80’s dresser mirror redone to complete the look.

Refinishing the original cabinetry, restoring the original tub, and vinyl flooring are all great ways to save money

while not scarifying style.

Adding unique eclectic finds is a fun way to give your space personality.

The mason jar blue walls add a funky pop of fun.

Because you have to start somewhere

To get anywhere.

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