Styling Shoots for Photographers

It’s kinda of crazy that regular old me has been

styling photo shoots and weddings for years now!

Absolutely not a title I would have ever thought I could end up with. Flipping through magazines, gushing over stunning online styled wedding shoots, stopping in my tracks at the perfect mini session. It was just a pipe dream to be styling for local photographers and weddings.

Have you ever wondered who creates those magical scenes that photographers beautifully capture?

Those special little moments in mini sessions or styled photo shoots?

You know many photographers set their own scenes, but some bring in a photography stylist, and I don’t really know where along the lines that I started considering myself a stylist, but to be honest I just loved taking my vintage treasures and creating little scenes.

Keep it special

There was always something so special to me about a perfectly curated little nook and I have always sought out trying to create it. I would not consider this something I do professionally but more passionately.

Always on the look for unique new pieces to add to my collection. But especially looking for staple items that will stand in over many styles.

Often times I create scenes on our farm here at Pink Hill,

staged with all the perfect bobbits and ‘with its’.

My passion for bringing the outdoors in is somewhat flipped on its head when I style outdoor, I enjoy finding different ways to add the indoors, well out.

Such as taking huge pieces of furniture you would normally only style inside, like a velvet gold chaise lounge and bring that furniture piece into a field of unruly hay. -The welder loves days like this.

How I got my feet wet Styling

Well to be really honest I started out simple. But, seriously even asking on social media was scary for me. Starting with my friends and then asking if any photographer’s wanted to use our farm for sessions!

I got my feet wet each time I hired a photographer to do our family photo’s because, I would ask ahead of time if they minded me setting up small looks around our property and then the whole fam-damily would smile and pose with each scene!

Wedding Styling
Rustic Boho Wedding Cake table

Styling for others

From starting out styling our own family photo shoots to styling weddings for brides was an easy leap for me. Years ago, I had spent time managing a catering company and had always found myself drawn to the set-up process.

Add to that my love of flipping furniture and renovation. So, the leap came natural to start styling and coordinating weddings and events.

On the Farm Styling Photography Sessions

Here on the farm, we style photo shoots using many different locations offering natural lighting options including a gorgeous hay pasture, open sided barn with bistro lights, tree lined dirt road and more.

From styling photo shoots for photographers, I have been able to branch out into wedding styling and home staging. The chance to be creative and share my passion for design has been such an amazing mental and emotional outlet. There is truly no better way to express yourself than to give your gifts in order to help others.

Each shoot is as different as the photographer itself. Here on the farm I like to set multiple scenes using the photographers vision in order to get them options during their shoot.

Style in your own way

Styling is a personal and curated experience that comes with time and lots and LOTS of trial and error.

I am learning to trust my gut and to be confident in my choices has taken time, I believe prayer is where it is at, and a lot of standing back, and cocking my head to the side

**squinting one eye may or may not help**

I found over the years that learning to trust my gut and stand behind what I create, is the biggest key to feeling successful.

The best advice I can give

is to take a chance

take a risk and just


Always be willing to push the limit, to try something new.

To get weird with it.

Or to just be simple. There is something to be said about offering simplicity. I will say one thing don’t feel like you have to always be over the top, in your face, or even styled to the nines.

You have to know your personal style and your collaboration

with your photographer is where the magic is at.

You can style

I know each person has it in them, all you have to do is try.

You will fail. But, life is about what you do after.

Are you willing to try?

Do you have a project you are styling? Is there a styling question you want help with? Are you willing to try? I believe together we can dreams come true. But, just in case it doesn’t, we at least styled it.

Please make sure you do not miss out on our latest renovations. I don’t want to hear that you didn’t know we move our entire house!?!!

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