Flipping Furniture

Furniture everyone needs it. But does everyone flip it?

Furniture everyone has it. But does everyone love what they have?

Some road side finds, thrift store gems, hand me downs and vintage misfits.

But do we all love what we have? What does our furniture say about us? And if it says something about us, what can we do about changing what it says? Can you find yourself in furniture?

Furniture on a budget

Furniture is everywhere and transforming pieces with stain and paint offers the opportunity to bring to life uniqueness in your home.

Refinishing is an inexpensive way to add charm and character to your home. The classic lines of an older piece can really take on new life with an update.

Furniture Makeover
Makeover VIntage furniture
Antique furniture makeover

I loved this beauty for years in her original condition but as time went by my Mother decided she had to have it. And so Bertha found her new home and new color!

Weirdest furniture find story

I once had someone drop of a trashcan holder that was Amish made and solid wood.

Super cute piece….Even more super odd that the person just left it on my front porch, No note. No explanation. Just a random trashcan holder.

Still have the trashcan holder. Still love it.

But my weirdest furniture find would probably be a vanity I saw in a dumpster, I know I got more than my fair share of looks as I hopped in to haul her out.

Cut it in half and sold it as a gorgeous set of nightstands. Dumpster diving takes on a whole new meeting when you make a couple hundred bucks!

I was stoked to come across this little coffee bar, sideboard, and even more tickled to come across a second one! I chose to go distressed chippy white with the first and a tea stain with lighter distressing on the second.

IT was fun to have the chance to do the same piece two very different ways

Fresh flowers have a way of bringing life to furniture staging.

Favorite Furniture find to date

My favorite furniture find was a man in Norfolk VA who had restored a historical house, I found his ad on Craigslist. They were done with their remodel and getting ready to list the property for sale. His ad had stated that he had two older dressers for sale for $40 for the pair. When I got there


I thought I had hit the lottery and I had. This man had an entire second story of a garage full of 1920-1940’s furniture. Nothing was over $20 and boy did I fill my truck up!

There was water damage on the veneer drawer fronts of this vanity. An iron, wet towel, and scraper made quick work of that. Look how beautiful the wood was underneath,
Adorable farm table. Sanded and stained the top with a super fresh charcoal grey on the legs and skirt.

I swoon over a tall skinny nightstand.

My tip– find an old vanity that is either missing the mirrors or too damaged to remain a vanity. With a few simple cuts of the top you have yourself an unique set of nightstands!

Flipping furniture was the only way I could pay my mortgage as a single mom for a long time. I am genuinely thankful for the ability and the opportunity to be creative.

Currently we are working on

We have recently moved two historic houses two our farm.

The first is a 1920’s Carolina Craftsman and the second was built in the mid 1940’s, we have been hammering away at coming the two into our forever home.

Check back for more exciting

furniture flips and new pieces for sale!