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  • Husband and Wife move historic house

Once In a Lifetime Owner-Build two Moved Houses

Who can be an Owner-Builder? Anyone who has the drive and capability can owner-build. Follow along and see how you can too! The term Owner-Builder is referring to someone acting as the general contractor on their own house build or home remodeling project. When you make the decision to be...

Moving a Historic House will completely change your life

Moving a house is as life changing as building one Building your dream home is cool but moving your dream home? Wayyyyyy cooler. Going to tiptoe around the idea, and say if you are here,  then you have already gone down the rabbit hole of researching older house restoration,  and...

How the Girl next door started Styling Stunning Photo Shoots

Styling Shoots for Photographers It’s kinda of crazy that regular old me has been styling photo shoots and weddings for years now! Absolutely not a title I would have ever thought I could end up with. Flipping through magazines, gushing over stunning online styled wedding shoots, stopping in my tracks...

Unique Before and After Historic Hoarder’s House Transformation

Transforming a Hoarder’s House into a Colorful Farmhouse It’s kind of funny, I remembered this little white house in the corner by my Mom’s house, my childhood home, I can see the little house in my mind, azalea bushes and hydrangeas surrounding it, back in the corner of Douglas road....
  • Furniture Makeover

Unique and Stunning One of a Kind Furniture Makeovers

Flipping Furniture Furniture everyone needs it. But does everyone flip it? Furniture everyone has it. But does everyone love what they have? Some road side finds, thrift store gems, hand me downs and vintage misfits. But do we all love what we have? What does our furniture say about us?...

Moving TWO old houses gave our family a home

Moving is never stress free When you tell people you are MOVING a new house, they usually first imagine you packing boxes and actually moving to a new house. It’s been a bit of a learning curve explaining to people that yes, one day at the end of this adventure...

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