Best way to contact us at Pink Hill Pine

The best way to contact us here at Pink Hill Pine is to email us or to fill out the contact form below.

If you ever do find yourself in our neck of the woods please do reach out and contact us! We LOVE meeting like minded people and sharing our passion!

The old dirt path leads you home

So I am sure if I asked folks around here would say the best way to get up with us is to turn from the road onto the long dirt path. You will bump along past the cow fields, just beyond the soybeans and hay field you will start to see the tree close in. And as you get closer the trees form a canopy overhead completely surrounding you in their green glory.

Dirt path to Pink Hill Pine
Dirt Path leading to Pink Hill Pine

Old pines and giant oaks give way to massive ferns toppling over the ditches lining the path.

But just when you think there can’t possibly be people living back here?!?-I thought it too the first time

You see the light explode in front of you. Like you somehow reached the end of the forest tunnel. Feeling like something amazing is awaiting you in that sun filled clearing.

The drive will take you up a slight left incline. Soon you will see you have crossed a creek where the forest line stopped. Native flowers and ferns scattered along the embankment begging for you to sit and stay awhile.

But if you push on up that dirt path sits an old house and just beside it sits another, the two are joined by a stunning dining room, combining them into one unique historic home.

Sometimes the only way to contact us

There you will find us restoring. My husband- the welder and I love to add architectural salvage pieces to our home to complete the historic character to our homes. Whether it be furniture that we find or purchase, the whole family tries to find ways to make each piece our own.

Without a doubt you will catch us renovating, around here the welder claims that never stops. When you are combing two old houses into one home the project list is even longer than Santa’s naughty list. For us we could not imagine it any other way.

But at the end of most days you can find us thankful to just be living life in our tiny little town of Pink Hill.

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