What you have to know about Whitney at Pink Hill Pine

Are you living in an old house? Dreaming of living in an old house? Desperately need to renovate an old house?

If you said, “Why yes I am!”, then we are a lot more alike than you know.

My husband- the welder, would say that I am constantly dreaming of old houses and non-stop talking about them.

There is something about a pre-war era house that makes my soul smile!


There is something about the history

Do creaking old floors speak to your soul?

Does it hurt your heart when people paint original, stained trim?

Well then welcome my old friend!

Together we can work through the two houses we moved, one 1920s Craftsman and one 1940s house, sharing in the adventure of combining them and all the challenges that go along with it.

I am here to share all my tips and tricks for restoring a vintage house with your own two hands! -because I firmly believe anyone can work on their own house.

You just need the will, the way, and the Whitney!

I got you covered on the last one!!

Renovation Reality

Every renovation starts with the first hammer swing or in our current case the first house move!

Stick around and let me know if you agree with the welder..

That I may be a smidgeon crazy renovating not one but two old houses while maintaining a small family farm, two kids-three if you count the welder, a pair of boxers, three horses, and a reclaimed woodpile that would make any architectural salvage shop jelly!

Yeah, there is a teeny tiny chance I might fail, but there is a greater chance we will succeed.

Either way, I will be over here in Pink Hill, just killing it.

Or is it killing me??!

Guess you will have to subscribe and see!


House pulling up the driveway
Couple moves Historic House